by: Dale Johnson

Along with many others, I removed the centre stand from my bike. In my case it was prior to a track day, and I thought it gave the bike a cleaner, hard core look along with maybe more ground clearance. When it came time to replace the thing to take care of the weekly chain lube and to make cleaning easier, that damn spring just wouldn’t go on. Vice grips, multi grips, trying to hook the spring on and then levering the stand into place didn’t work. All pretty well known issues to those like me, and I remember heaps of posts from frustrated owners.

Chalk the cure up to Scotty at Dynocycle. His suggestion of a ‘special tool’ worked, and cost me one dollar to make. It's just a piece of 4mm round bar with a tight hook on one end, welded onto a piece of 20mm tube to use as a handle. I actually wanted to use high tensile spring wire, which should be a bit (lots) less prone to straightening out, but that was all my local steel merchant had in stock.

The spring went on firstly to the frame lug, and it was a simple matter of just hooking it on to the small loop on the stand. Another set of hands made it easier, but the only real trick was to lie down behind the back wheel in line with the bike. Just a steady straight pull, and have your obliging wife/girlfriend/son pop the spring onto the loop.

This was almost so easy I can’t believe it.