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With the 2001-2005 FZ1, the turn signal switch cancel efforts are quite high and I was finding that I constantly did not cancel my turn signal after use. I also was looking for a tail light integration module in support of my high mount exhaust and to clean up the rear appearance. I came across the SmartFlash® in a web search. This module integrates these two functions as well as others summarized below. Also available is SmartBlink®, which has the same features without the taillamp integrator. One of my objectives was to minimize modifications to stock wiring harnesses. These cause quality degradation. The following are installation instructions and the wiring harness design.

A turn signal switch mod is required for the turn signal switch to make it a momentary on-off-on switch, so that the switch returns to center after actuation.

Items Required:

  1. SmartFlash® module or SmartBlink® module from Cadent Technologies.
  2. FZ1 Overlay Wiring Harness (See diagram below).
  3. Many cable ties.
  4. Two-sided tape.
  5. Modified Turn Signal Switch (see Eskort's turn signal switch mod.)

Operation Overview:

Auto Cancel Turn Signals: Actuating either the left or right turn signal switch will initiate a turn signal sequence. The corresponding side will flash for a period of 15 seconds. If the brakes are applied while in this mode, the flash will continue until 15 seconds after the brakes are released. To cancel turn signal manually, just reapply the switch in the flashing direction.

Brake Light Modulation: Applying the brakes will flash the brake light 3 times in quick bursts. After the 3 bursts the brake light will stay on solid until the brakes are released.

Brake Light and Turn Signal Taillight Integration: In this mode, both rear tail lights are used for turn signals and brake lights. While applying the brakes both lights will be illuminated and flash in 3 quick bursts. After the three bursts, the brake lights will stay on solid. If a turn signal is used while the brakes are applied, the turn signal will have priority. It will flash the corresponding tail light and leave the opposite tail light solid. This feature can be used with or without rear mini-stalk or flush-mount turn signals. This feature is not included with SmartBlink.

Constant Rate Flashing: Flash rate is independent of load. When LED's are installed the indicators flash at the DOT rate without added resistors.


SmartFlash Harness Overview:

A similar harness would be used for SmartBlink.

Harness Parts Required:

Note: If desired, the 6-pin T-connectors can be eliminated by removing the brown and green wire terminals (male) from the main harness connector to the turn signal switch (i.e. the 6-pin harness connector under the tank that the T-connectors would plug into) and installing two male 2.8 mm spade terminals to the green and brown wires from the SmartFlash harness. Plug the two males into the main harness connector where the previous green and brown wires were. Cover the removed wires (separately) with heat shrink or electrical tape and fold back and tie strap to the harness.

Installation Instructions:

  1. Remove seat. Remove ground lead from battery.

  2. Remove the fuel tank hold-down bolt and prop the tank up (should be less than half full or feed vent drains into an approved gasoline can).

  3. Remove rear grab handles and tail finish panel. This requires removal of four 10 mm bolts, one screw (do not lose spacer) and four plastic rivets. Rivets are removed by gently pushing in center pin with a small screwdriver (no need to use a hammer and drift) – then rivets pull out and are reusable. For details, see Pat's website and STOP at the remove the battery step.

  4. Remove left side cover. One Phillips screw removal required. This is for later wire routing.

  5. Locate taillight connector to main harness slightly forward and to the left of the taillight. Unplug by pushing on the retention tab and gently pulling. Remove taillamp assembly by removing two screws from under rear fender.

  6. Locate the two yellow wires coming from the back of the taillight harness. Temporarily tie back the wire protection tubing with a tie strap. Cut the yellow wires one inch from the connector. Splice the yellow wire from the SmartFlash connector to one of the two one-inch yellow wires coming from the connector. It doesn't matter which one as they both connect to the same terminal. Cut the other one off flush with the connector terminal. Splice the dark green harness wire to the yellow wire going to the right taillight (as seen from the rear grey socket) and splice the light tan harness wire to the yellow wire going to the left taillight (white socket).

    For SmartBlink, splice the tan wire to both yellow wires running to the taillamp. The dark green harness wire is not used with SmartBlink.

  7. Remove the tie strap from the protective tubing and position the two taillamp splices in the protective tubing. Reassemble the taillamp and reattach to the rear fender. Note wire routes on outside of lower screw boss.

  8. Now a series of steps to route harness. Most will involve just the pictures. Loosen inner fender by removing the four fasteners shown below.

  9. Plug the taillamp harness back into the main harness. Locate the rear turn signal bullet connectors and connect the green, brown and black pigtails in the SmartFlash harness to the corresponding color wire's bullet connector. This will backfeed the flasher signal to the front turn signals and indicators and eliminates running additional wiring to the front of the bike. Tie-strap any excess wire. If still in use, plug in the rear turn signals to the female jumpers provided.

  10. Under the tank remove the cable tie to the rear of the black plastic protection cover for the wiring harness connectors and locate the six-pin connector going to the turn signal switch. Separate the connector by pushing on the tab and gently pulling. Install T-connector in SmartFlash harness. Switch removal will be required for modification later.

  11. Locate the stock flasher immediately behind the battery and remove from bracket. Unplug it, by pushing the retaining tab and gently pulling. Now connect the three-pin connector with the red wire running to it in the SmartFlash harness to the unplugged wiring harness from the flasher. Set the flasher aside for later disposition. Secure the wiring connector to the flasher attaching bracket.

  12. Secure the SmartFlash module to the rear inner fender with double sided tape, under the seat cross member. Ensure fuses are accessible. Plug in to SmartFlash harness running alongside the module.

  13. Reassemble tank, sidecover and tail finish panel to bike. Care should be taken when replacing the tail not to pinch any wires and to reinstall the small spacer under the center screw.

  14. Reconnect the ground cable and test for function (see operation overview above).

Thanks to Ancientone80 for his trial run and contributions.

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