by: Eskort


This mod is to create a momentary on-off-on switch so that the turn signal switch returns to center after actuation. This will be accomplished by pinning the switch actuation lever to the switch contact cam, and reducing the detents and the friction to assist the return-to-center of the contacts. It is to be used in conjunction with the SmartFlash®, SmartBlink® or Kisan Signal Minder® mod.

Tools Required:

  1. Needle files.
  2. Drill with 1/16 inch bit.
  3. Picture-hanging nail or brad about 1/16 inch in diameter.
  4. WD-40.
  5. Heat gun or hair dryer.
  6. Fingernail buffing stick.


  1. Note the location of the various harness tie downs and unplug the harness from under the fuel tank (two connectors), the horn, and the clutch lever. To save time it is possible to do this mod without removing the harness from the bike, but the switch mod may be easier at a bench. Remove the turn signal switch from the bike by removing two screws in the back of the housing. Remove fuel enrichment actuation handle and cable from the switch housing.

  2. Remove the turn signal switch button by pulling out or gently prying with the tips of needle nose pliers on either side of the metal lever. Remove three screws to pivot switch from switch housing.

  3. As a precaution heat the white nylon briefly with a hair dryer and gently remove the bottom contact base by releasing the tab with screwdriver or nail.

  4. Ensure that the switch is in the off position by pushing the lever in. Drill 1/16 hole in the middle metal plate and nylon cam below. Note the location is critical, to be 5 mm down from the pin marked in blue below. Due to the angle of this camera shot, the picture perspective is a little off. Believe the measurement!

  5. Remove notches on bottom of nylon case by carefully filing flat. I tried a Dremel tool and could not get the surface flat until I used a file. Then smooth the surface with fine emery cloth, 600 grit wet and dry and/or a finger nail buffing stick. De-burr drilled areas as indicated and ensure surfaces are flat and smooth.

  6. Assemble the parts together using the pin. Place the pin through the metal actuation arm, then the nylon cam, and turn the subassembly over to the position shown below. Ensure that the pin does not protrude from the nylon cam (flush or underflush), which would cause friction in the fully assembled switch. Smooth the surfaces with buffing stick.

  7. Remove the contact from slider by prying barbs with a small screwdriver in the holes indicated. The contact is spring loaded, and the spring contacts the ball bearing, so take adequate precaution to avoid flying parts.

  8. Cut the spring by about 2 mm or 1.5 turns. Take the last half turn and bend it across the diameter, from 12:00 to 6:00.

  9. Clean parts thoroughly with WD-40 and reassemble switch.

  10. If you break the switch retainer, like I did on my first attempt, do not despair. Use a small tie strap to hold it together. Check the metal actuation arm's alignment in the center of the gap and adjust if necessary.

  11. At first, the switch may be a little sticky on return to center. Work the switch for a few minutes after liberally applying WD-40. It will loosen up and function properly. Test the switch to ensure it works properly prior to fully assembling it back on to the bike, switch on the ignitionl. Then hold the switch over to the left, the left side turn signal should illuminate, release the switch, it should return to the center position and the turn signal should stop immediately. Then repeat with the right side. If all is okay, reassemble on to the bike.

  12. It is expected that you will curse the fuel enrichment lever and cable as you reassemble the switch assembly on the bike (or lift tank and disconnect other end of cable from carburetors before reassembling. See Pat's site on carburetor disassembly. It is possible to get the cable and switch together without disconnecting the other end, just be patient. Ensure all tie downs are secure and all connectors are reconnected.

Thanks to Ancientone80 for his trial run and contributions.

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