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Before doing anything remove your FZ1 cap and place the replacement FZ6r cap on the plug. See if it sits proud of the ridge. If yes move on.

This what your drilling. Remove the capture screw, ballast, and spring. You need to find the right size straight blade screw driver to get those out. Then insert drill and use tape on drill to set depth 1/4" more than when it bottoms on the shoulder. The shoulder is plastic and gives way pretty easy. I didn't do any pre-drilling, just the one below. I used a knife to cut a 1/4 inch of the boot as well but that may not be required. Try just drilling first.

Your trying to remove the shoulder the capture screw bottoms on so it sinks deeper, without ruining the threads the capture screw needs.

This a 3/8" I wanted it flat as opposed to tapered.
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