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They tried and died
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I've been working my butt off all summer, and I've had it. I got another job as a 30 hour a week receptionist, no Saturdays. I'm off for 10 days, thankfully, and finally have time to catch up a bit. I just pasted all these links and had them disappear, so making a second attempt.

Random stuff from the last four weeks or so.

Most people who visit say that this doesn't look like what they thought Wyoming would look like. We are pretty wet, have mountains on the west and south that I think helps with the wind and moisture. We have a lot of hay and grassy areas. Big polo community here.

Mountain flowers

Owls leave gifts on our door mat. This one is better than the headless mousie we got before anyway.

By late summer and early fall the deer will be down from the foothills and into the second crop hay fields en masse. Fields full of bucks.

Coney Creek Trail

Exploring our new Audubon IBA (Imporant Birding Area), Kerns Wildlife Habitat Area, over 5000 acres!

Right before this, two of our party that got there before us found mating rattlesnakes, and got some amazing shots. I didn't find the snakes!

I don't know what this plant is, but I would love to find out. Reverse image search yielded no accurate results.

Kind of messy, but I like it for some reason.

Probably Great Horned Owl tail feather.

And after finding them 2 of the previous 3 days, but not getting a shot, a White Lined Sphinx Moth aka Hummingbird Moth.

They have super fast wing beats.

Not much for birds lately. You need to be where they are, which I haven't been, and we had such a late winter, short, super wet spring, then hot July the activity seems way off.

I've been eating lunch at the cemetery to keep my spirits up. It's dead there, no screaming kids. American Crow

Not super clear, a far off shot, but hey, it's gotta fishy!

Barn Swallow

What's better than finding an owl in a barn?

Finding two!

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