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Okay, so back to the issue. To sell the Celica or not. I have been selected to attend Air Force OTS (was selected way back in April) and will leave sometime in 2018 or 2019 (2018 likely, unknown when exactly).

So do I really need 2 automobiles AND 2 bikes? If I can sell if for over $3,000 then the truck was an even trade, and more importantly, could help stock the funds for when I quit 3 months before I leave for OTS to visit FZ1OA friends all over the country and ride and enjoy myself (I could do it now with the funds I have but an additional 3G would be nice).

I do love the GTS, drives and handles amazing, and if I fix that leak, I'll keep her. But it just doesn't seem practical. Hell, I live in an apartment right now and taking up 3 parking spots and having tools and parts in a little closet isn't practical.
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