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Stuff will go into storage yes.

Planning on letting some forum member or members watch over my bikes while I go to OTS and training. FZ isn't worth sh*t, and the SV isn't either without taking a loss. I'd rather someone else at least use it on the track and give me like a very minimal "rental" fee for the SV, renter takes care of maintenance and can flog it at the track.

Career will take focus for sure but the Fizzy has sentimental value and I don't wanna sell it just for 1000 just to move it. Then again, how cheap will the Gen 1 be when I get ready to buy again? Ha.

. I don't have much stuff at all besides my vehicles. Honestly, could probably fit it all in a 5x8 or 10.

Yeah I've been wanting to get into the housing market but I won't do that until after I get a base. I do have a 798 Fico score (768 Experian) to help with low interest loans. Vet benefits with home loans will be nice too. Plenty of time to prepare for everything luckily.
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