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Originally Posted by jared p View Post
ridden bikes with them, having the wind cut off from your hands makes a HUGE difference.
When I compared, it seemed like a small difference--though maybe the handguards I was using aren't as good as those.

Last year I shared commute duties between the FZ1 and my Versys, both with the same 5 setting Oxford heated grips. I had Cycra DX handguards on the Versys, none on the FZ1. The hand guards seemed to be good for 1 setting difference on the heated grips. Yeah I could feel the difference, but it paled in comparison to the benefit from the Oxford grips or the Warm n Safe heated gloves.

I never added handguards to the FZ1. Actually I'm considering doing it, because I have the pair I removed from the Versys lying around. But I wouldn't go out and buy a pair for it.

Biggest benefit of handguards may be if you want to use bar muffs, as they keep the bar muffs from pressing your levers at speed. I don't really like bar muffs but they annoy me less used over handguards.
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