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OK, here goes.

1. "You can't lose weight by just exercising."

True for most people.

Exercise at the near barf rate (that is run/hike/swim as fast as you can until you think you are going to heave, then back off until you stop gasping and can maintain the pace for at least 30 minutes) burns on average about 600 calories an hour. Unless you can spend hours a day doing this type of fat burning, long slow distance endurance training, exercise alone wil not do it.

But it will make it easier to lose and make you healthier. Exercise actually surpresses your appetite, and decreases insulin resisitance. If you are serious about being healthy, you have to find a way to work it into your life. You don't need to dress up in spandex and pretend you are Lance Armstrong. Walking at a brisk pace, or just common yard work (assuming you are pushing your mower, not driving a tractor), will help.

It's easier for me if it's social. Join a hiking club, or a bike club. Or a yoga class. Stand at the back if there are cute gals in the class. Whatever it takes.

2. It's a lifestyle change.

True. You don't generally go on a diet, and then go off once you achieve weight goals. At least, not if you are going to stay at the right weight.

On the other hand, it does not have to be cold turkey. Gradually working a series of changes into your routine will help. Don't give up just because you can't be perfect.

Among the big ones are:

a. Eat smaller meals, more often. Do not go long perioid between meals, and then binge.

b. Eat slowly and drink water with your food. Your stomach needs time to figure out it is full. Water helps expand the food in your stomach.

c. Cut back on high fat meals. You don't need to completely give up barbecue, or McDonalds. But you can't have them every day.

d. Do not skip breakfast. Don't gorge, but eat something healthy.

e. Substitute water for ANY caloried drink, not just soda. Orange juice has a TON of carbohydrates. You would think it would be good for you. You'd be wrong.
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