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M4 Exhaust

Even though I've had this bike for 2 weeks, I've just gotten to ride it due to a vacation last week. And I can't believe I'm going to say this ( I must be getting old ), but the M4 exhaust on it is just a bit much for me. Oh, it has a glorious sound. My brother had M4's on both of his GSXR's and it's a symphony of a 427SCJ. But it's just a bit much for me. I'm actually going to put the stock exhaust back on tonight.

So if anyone would like the deep throated whine of an M4 and has a Yosh they would like to trade, I'm all ears. I had a Yosh on the Bandit I just sold and I prefer the quiet nature of it. The M4 is in perfect condition, I even have the installation instructions!
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