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Originally Posted by _Will_ View Post
Use to ride in Tampa traffic all the time, originally with a stock exhaust on my FZR600 and then a D&D that would make my apartment feel like it had reverb if I ran it pointed at a the door. I never saw a difference in the way I was treated and most people aren't great with sound anyway and freely damage their hearing without concern.

Maybe it's a FL thing, I once had an elderly woman walk up to me at the CVS at the corner of Fowler and 56th and told me real men wear helmets before patting my Shoei and walking off.
Now that is hilarious!

And I am definitely not looking to alert the local media every time I fire the bike up. I am also currently living in an apartment complex, so I will probably steer clear of the D&D if I do decide to change the can. The consensus seems to be that the D&D is too loud for most.

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