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Originally Posted by ZX-Dominance View Post

But a Nautilus Airhorn or the like can and will.

Ive had SO MANY wonderful experiences watching cagers swerve away from me, after they started that typical "I'm-changing-into-your-lane-without-looking" maneuver and got hit with what sounds like a train 4feet from their window.

Tapping it for a quick "hey buddy dont you pull out of that parking lot" works well too.

aaaaaaaand it's really good for shaming and trolling/enraging anyone that decides to roll their window down and give you a piece of their mind. Nothing shuts people up like having every car in 1/4 mile radius looking at them as the anonymous motorcyclist wailing the horn points to them to let everyone know why the horn is on.
Hmmm. I like this idea. The stock FZ horn is weak.
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