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Think about this for a second (or two):

1) How many people notice or even care about car alarms
2) How many people pay any attention to all the lights and sirens of police, fire trucks and ambulances?
3) Notice the complex mix of sounds and pitches in sirens
4) Notice how the outlet of the sires are directed forward and up high

There is a TON of science built into making sirens the best possible way to get driver's attention.

And yet, the vast majority of drivers STILL don't hear them OR give them the right of way OR, in general, respond to them in the correct way.

Why on earth would you, even possibly for 1/2 a second, think your motorcycle exhaust, which is aimed low and behind you, would even remotely get a useful response from the, at best, ambivalent drivers out there?

You can't be that dull in thinking as you can type...
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