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Originally Posted by iluvmyfz1 View Post
on the shirt above. I have the orange and the blue.

Excessively loud pipes, whether straight pipes on a big V twin or shorties on screaming I-4 Jap bikes, are annoying as hell.

Do they help in traffic? Sure, if you just want to piss off all the cagers.
Do they get you noticed? Yes, as you'll see when the blue lights are flashing in your rear view mirror after that kewl 11k rpm blast around the minivan.
Do they prove you're an idiot? Not concrete proof, but a very good indicator.

Kidding aside, the best tool in traffic, as stated above, is located in your helmet. Use it wisely.

Sounds like the car driver was trying to be nice, but doesn't have a clue about riding motorcycles in traffic. Best to just smile and say thanks.
I agree, excess noise is just annoying and is usually a good indicator of someone who just wants to be loud and obnoxious. And yes the tool between your ears is always your most valuable defense. Thanks for your input iluvmyfz1.
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