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Stepped away for a week and look at what is in the works! This is very exiting news!

I will definitely be interested in this service once it is all worked out. For those of us already in possession of the IM and FCE we should be able to recoup at least some of the cost by selling these items. With the new product we will finally get unrestricted power in all gears and hopefully even better performance with the control of the secondary throttle bodies etc.

It seems to me that offering alterations to the fuel curve in the ecu would be a desireable option for at least some of us. There certainly are a large number of FZers out there with Ivan's "full package" setup (Airbox mod, Ivans secondary plates, BMC filter, Yosh R77 full system {presumably no longer needing FCE, and IM}) and would be happy with Ivan's fuel tune right in the ECU. I would probably keep the PCIII (at least for a while) and could leave it zeroed out with the option of fine tuning at a local dyno if desired. Shouldn't be too difficult to make the fuel curve mod at least an option on the reflash with the understanding that some fine tuning might still need to be done.

Ivan, thanks for taking this on! It definitely seems like a wise business move to start dabbling in the ECU waters. I'm sure the GenIII will benefit from your hands if we ever see it!
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