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Let's not forget what this is all about! Good luck Sean!

Dear Friends, and Family 20Nov2003

The time has come for me to live up to a promise and serve our country. I recently received my orders for mobilization in support of Mission Iraqi Freedom. Please do not cry for me for I am proud to serve our great country. I have lived in its bosom of freedom for over twenty-six years now and am more than willing to give a couple in support of her. One of the reasons I joined the Army was because I could not sit by idly while others sacrificed and paid the price of my freedom. The freedoms we enjoy are not free, please remember this. Do not feel sorry for me for. I realize that not all of you can understand or even agree, but I am a soldier ready and willing to respond to the call of duty. I do not travel thousands of miles just for the people of that region. I go to war because the freedom we enjoy here depends on the stability of places far away. I go so that the people I love and care for may enjoy our freedom. I go so that I may myself enjoy this freedom.

So please relinquish any of these negative feelings and replace them with pride and gratitude. Do not take the freedoms we enjoy for granite, instead thank a one of our veterans for helping ensure our freedom's existence. Keep me (and all of the women and men serving our great country) in your thoughts as I will you and write when you can ( I will respond whenever possible. I am sorry if I do not get to talk you before I go, but I will see you when I return.

With Love and Honor,


SPC Sean R Hoffmann
245th Combat Support Company
St. Louis, Missouri
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