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Originally Posted by shoffmann
Thank you NHFZ1 ;) and as Wardog was being subltle about I have already had one vacation outside beautifuk dowtown Baghdad. This Thread started back sometime in 2004. Of course depending who is president after I graduate from flight school in 2008 I may be headed back over for a second tour.

Rereading that letter I wrote before going over made me think... damn I made a lot of typos back then too!

Thank you all once again for you support! Army Fazer, I Will be down there for some time so let me know when you will be in town. My fizzy will be in tow when I move down.


--Haaa, I reopened this post to correct the typo of the adjetive used for Baghdad, but more out of humor than sincerity I will leave it be. That may be a new sarcastic way to describe something...
I am putting in a packet for the Watercraft Warrant. The board is in August. I leave in two weeks for a a little fun at Camp Blanding, FL. Have to get my Infantry Qual's for my new unit here in Pensacola.

In a previous life, I was a QM (quartermaster - i.e. navigator) in the Navy Reserve and my civilian job has been in the Merchant Marine since 1998. Hence the watercraft application.

One interesting tidbit is that we qualify for the Merchant Marine Expeditionary Medal for our trips to the Sand Box. In our Class A's, I get a lot of WTF is that? And for doing drug busts with the USCG near Ecuador, we got the USCG Special Ops. Another WTF? Not too many Infantrymen have those. But alot of them do have the CIB! That is way above my little gedunk ribbons.
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