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Originally Posted by ralphcor View Post
He was able to get results and win on the Ducati, something many tried and failed at, he doesn't have to prove anything. Mad skills, and mucho respect.
Yes after a season and a half he was able to be competitive. I really wish he would have stuck with the Ducati, it would have been awesome if he could have continued to improve on it. Also shame on Ducati for not addressing his ergonomics sooner. Dovi has been consistent and competitive on the Duck for several years now too

Originally Posted by killer5280 View Post
Yep. Fantastic rider, just not quite at Marquez's level.
Well last season he wasn't really on anyone's level... there's no doubt he's a very talented rider, but for the last 5 years or so, if he doesn't get out in front, he drops like an anchor through the field. Then it's always anything but his own fault, every single time. Just not a personality or riding style that is very appealing to me I guess.
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