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Originally Posted by KBay84 View Post
Well, I was hoping a 2010 FZ1 with EFI & reflash versus '97 bike with carbs and a slip-on would produce better results. I'll wait for Ivan's responce, but you may be right. I want to hear it from the horse's mouth. If the bottom end and mids are significantly better, I'd be in.
You are comparing a 1970 big block 440 mopar to a modern 392 Hemi.... the low end power of the old motor is a lot more, but fades away after 5000-5500 compared to the newer engine that is softer below 3000, but will carry on another 1500-2000 rpm, making more power on the top end.
(please don't hyjack this thread from this comment)

The bandit is 200cc larger, (15-20 lb/ft more) and uses low overlap cams and small intake ports and valves = high velocity = instant torque from low rpm.

The FZ-1 is a short stroke/ large valve area, higher valve overlap cams = poor trapping efficiency below 4000 rpm.... this is this engine's signature since 1985 on the first Maxim X 5valve.... this engine will never be a tiger below 4000 rpm.

Even the first gen bike with a longer stroke, milder cams, smaller ports, and intake and long tube headers, doesn't really wake up until 4-4500 rpm.

There is no amount of fuel or timing changes that will make the 2 bikes close below 4000 rpm.

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