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1st gear power wheelie

Yup, work on your technique T.P. After some light tweaking, test rode my new to me 2015, and tried. In first, I eased up to 6500 rpm, slight let-off than nailed it, came right up, no problem. Stock gearing, Leo slip on, like fermic's but stainless. No fuel changes, filter, or re-flash...yet. Just got done removing AIS, and cutting down the DB killer by half. Lots to do.
Keep trying, but remember to cover the rear brake, just in case. You'll get it.
By the way, thanks for that vid fermic37, now I know what mine sounds like. It's different riding the bike, and it doesn't sound anything like my old gen 1 with the Muzzy. More, angry I guess. They're really completely different. I'm diggin it!
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