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For what it is worth, having the ECU flashed on my '14 Super Tenere yielded really nice results. It seems the Japanese bikes especially are all compromised by their ECU settings to some degree.

In my S10's case, engine braking was greatly reduced, fuel cut eliminated, ignition timing optimized for power and response, and the throttle response was livened up at small throttle openings. The latter is more of a "trick" as the bike has a bit more power perhaps, but feels livelier in ordinary riding at the throttle is more responsive, like adding a quicker turn throttle tube. The bike shifts a lot better now without the heavy engine braking and fuel cut. Snick city now, very nice! This with a budget ($225) VCycle type flash from an ADV forum member that a lot of people used. My S10 also was getting 48 mpg, now I am averaging 54 mpg on open road riding, I attribute that to the ignition timing tweaks. That bike has loads of low end and 5K is really spinning it, so it spends a lot of time on cruise control I am very pleased with the flash on my S10.

My '06 FZ1 was more dramatically improved by Ivan's flash. My '06 had seriously F'd up ECU calibrations, the fuel cut was horrible (had an FCE on it, no longer needed with the flash) and it buzzed like a chain saw compared to the glassy smooth rev happy turbine it is now. To be honest, I am also running Ivan's map. Tried the flash with a few from the map pack, it ran great, but was not quite as vibrationless as it is with Ivan's map settings. Fuel economy is seemingly the same either way, maybe a little worse now, as it is so fun to flog
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