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Originally Posted by JerseyDiesel View Post
I went +1 on the rear. You will notice it a bit, but probably not in a good way. Yea, it is a little quicker, (unnecessary) but it makes the speedometer more inaccurate that it already is, higher revs on the highway, and less gas mileage.

I will be going back to stock next time.
JD, I had already ordered the 1 tooth up sprocket. I went ahead and put it on. I used GPS to see the diff with my speedo. At 70 on the GPS I was doing 5250 RPM. Which is pretty close to what I was doing before I changed the sprocket. I did put on a new tire. The old one was pretty thin so maybe the slight increase in the tread put me equal.

I did have to move the axle forward a few mm. I cannot tell a difference in handling other than the regular. going from a totally worn out tire to a brand new one.

Thanks for the replies fellas.
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