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So after a crazy couple of months at work where my boss left and hasn't been replaced, and employee turn over, working every Saturday, I got a week off. Only to come back to even more work chaos. But it was a great week off! For our 12th anniversary we were too tired to go too fire, so we decided to set off all over some of our favorite Wyoming spots, remote and otherwise, alternating camping and hotels....wherever did we go....

First my daughter came up from Denver, which was great. We live in a place we used to vacation, so why not start here?

A local hiking trail...

Hey, that's my kid, and a board member here, AnnaMai, though she doesn't have a motorcycle right now, she's all grown up and getting all over the place.

The trail is Red Grade Spring Trail, and it has some great flowers, and goes through about four different kinds of ecosystems over a couple of miles of a figure 8 loop.

The next day, Sunday, she headed home, and we took off for Guernsey State Park and our first yurt stay. I may be spoiled by yurts now. More on that later, but I will start off by saying it's a great place to ride out a incredible thunderstorm while you heat up a camp meal on your propane stove.

They've got some cool decades old structures

And very friendly camp dogs! Oh wait...

And while the beach area is packed with wall to wall RVs and people, the yurts off the water and the upper cliffs were almost people free.

And, it turns out, a great place to find a Peregrine Falcon....

Not a great shot, but considering it was flying around about 50 mph...

What's that you're making for breakfast over there? Camp food again, yuck!

The heavy rains have really got the overflow area going.

Hey look! Oregon Trail ruts! Don't ask me why they went through solid rock instead of the prairie that was all around.

And over at Register Cliff, where people have been etching their names on sandstone for over 100 years, though mostly from the 70s and 80s (19s not 18s so much), there are Cliff Swallows...annnnnnd.....

At first I thought they had just mudded in some unusual way around the nests, until I realized what I was looking at.

Holy moly, never seen a Bull Snake on a cliff wall raiding nests before....

It was rough on my Prime Directive, but I love snakes too, so I had to walk away.

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