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On to Chain Lakes Wildlife Habitat Management Area. This spot is literally the middle of nowhere. Just north of Wamsutter or Rawlins, and just east of the Red Desert. No amenities, no vault toilets, no tables, alkali flats, a small lake (if you can find the two track to get to it), a run down old shed and a few shallow ponds make it great for mosquitoes, as well as a few other things.

Like wild horses...

We met this fellow last year in the same area, his territory. He will run up to show it's HIS area, but he's not approachable by any means.

You don't see me.

I feel a Disney movie coming on though.

The Sagebrush Sea was abloom

Burrowing Owl!

And Great Horned in the old shed....

This is what our camp looked like, right before the second wind storm came through. We almost gave up the idea during the first one. We waited it out, but the second was pretty much blowing the tent over. We'd eaten, but we pulled up stakes (literally) and high tailed it to Rawlins to one of the last decent hotel rooms left.

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