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The next morning we were up and moving south again, down into the Medicine Bow-Routt National Forest. This was a trickier day, we didn't have any real plans except to try for some owls in the forest at night, which we did not get. We found a trail to a place called Baby Lakes, but didn't have a trail map or any idea of how long it was, so we just wandered around a lot.

Found a 110-year-old decommissioned bridge over the North Platte.

The next day we hit the Flaming Gorge area. Now I've been along it on both sides before and never have found the actual reservoir until now. It's an arid, sagebrush, red rocked area, with a huge body of water that is way harder to find than it should be in the middle of it.

But if you try enough dirt roads, eventually you find something! Water!

It really is quite stunning. I know when people say they hate driving through Utah and Wyoming, I ask if they've ever driven through Kansas instead. I love it.

Found a few rarities, one of man's favorite bird names, Bushtits!

And...while the Little Firehole Campground has two guests sharing the same parking space, and adjoined picnic spots which we shared with a monster RV, and the tent pad was a red ant den, and the people across the way had dogs that barked at everyone that went by, and Mr Pontificate two down kept is $#% generator half the night and first thing in the morning, and the wind came up again and about blew the tent down again, we rode it out, the view was worth it, and waking up to an owl and nighthawks and Sagebrush Sparrows at 4:12 was pretty cool, I may be done with tent camping.

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