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A couple more birds from that area, Mountain Bluebird

And maybe my favorite sparrow, by song, Sagebrush Sparrow

Onward to Seedskadee NWR in SE Wyoming, a favorite spot. But like everywhere else so far, very buggy. This wildlife refuge has been instrumental in bringing back Trumpeter Swan, though this time of year they are in the reeds with their young and I didn't get any photos.

It's also good for moose.

And great river shots, no effects added. The Green River, as Mike says this river is his favorite color.

Also good for American White Pelican

Golden and Bald Eagles nest here, this nest of Balds had three young.

You can usually find Tree, Cliff and Violet-green Swallows here, and the VGSW are a favorite.

At the Slate Creek Campground just north of the refuge, a heard robins pestering a bird, a Kestrel, but then out popped a Great Horned Owl, flying off, which woke up about a dozen nighthawks, which was cool. A lot of Yellow Warblers here too.

Again, more bugs. You know you are starting out in trouble when the stores are completely out of anything with DEET in it, you are covered in whatever you can find as well as a mesh jacket, and still they are all over you. Back to the Hampton Inn for some R&R, and Bitter Creek Brewing in Rock Springs.

So where to next then? The Tetons, where we cashed in a free Marriott stay at the Springhill in Jackson, normally $556 a night in July ($120 in November). And you would think that spending 18 years in Colorado going to Rocky Mountain National Park I would be used to crowds, but I always forget, get there and hate it. Trails are packed with people, parking lots full, animals are few and far between. Got a trail recommendation from a friend to try the 40 mile Death Canyon trail loaded with grizzlies. Did I say a friend? Anyway, we made it about a mile and looked over Phelps Lake, then went back down.

Could hear birds all over, most of which I can ID by ear, but didn't find what we hoped for. Butterflies were nice though.

Drove around another fan favorite, Jenny Lake.

And hiked a bit around it too.

And tried one of the landings along the Snake River. More tourists!

But hey, we got the freakin' Tetons over here!

You think you've got mountains, please.

More bugs!

Anywho, yeah, bears they are all over. And the national parks are best in early May, October, and if you know trails no one else uses and that's the best time to find wildlife. But we found a baby bear east of the parks today on our way east again.

Doing what baby bears do, looking for grubs.

Then we routed through Alcova Reservoir on the way back to meet a super nice lady from a facebook group I set up, Wyoming Bird, because she had a rare to Wyoming bird, the Ash-throated Flycatcher, that has set up house in her nest box.

Also had a lovely Rufous Hummingbird.

Anyway, now we are home, the six month old RAV has almost 18,000 miles on it, it's our 12th anniversary, and if I don't quit my job tomorrow, pack the cat into an RV and decide to live rough, it's going to be a miracle. Thanks for coming along.
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