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In five pages of this thread no-one has addressed the number/size of the holes around the mounting hole. I'm not a filterologist so I dunno if these are the return side or the supply side. On page one Old Sparks showed a Fram with many large holes, and a Bosch with fewer and smaller holes. Does this matter? It seems as if the flow thru the Fram would be much greater...

If this is an idiotic question please say so. I use the Fram Ultra Synthetic on my Civic and Accord. The Civic gets an oil change every 5,000 miles (7 months or so) because it is driven on many very short trips. The last two oil changes on the Accord were at the one year mark and both were around 1,000 miles. It's a warranty thing. Mobil 1 Extended Performance in both.

Right now I'm too chicken to try anything else than a MC filter. Yamaha or K&N...
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