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There are a number of factors that affect the life of lithium ion (carbon/cobalt) batteries, which is the type normally used in mobile phones, laptops, etc (but not for motorcycle lithium batteries).

If you have some spare time, here is a link:

A lion battery under a benign charging regime would last for around 500 charge/discharge cycles but this would be much reduced in typical mobile phones, because mobile phones hit the battery with a severe charging regime (high charge voltage and low discharge voltage) in order to give as-high-as possible battery duration.

The best battery life obtainable, on a mobile phone, would be to only charge to 75% of capacity and only discharge to 25% of capacity (as indicated by the mobile phone's gas-gauge that is).

A low temperature, around 10 degrees Centigrade (50F), is also good for long battery life and low self discharge.

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