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Originally Posted by mtnbkr View Post
HAHA , you got me on that one. Where is it ? I went up to the bluff this past saturday, early. There is a really fun stretch of road on past there. It's only about 1.5 miles long, but good elevation changes and curves . No-one out but me.
This was close to old port Gibson rd. Was just exploring alternative routes to get to it . Checked it out on the map and it looked pretty good. And it was til I got to that part. But on the bright side the detour from that road was a nice little jewel,and I found a few other roads worth riding also.
If you ever get up this far we can hit those also.

I know the exact stretch on 587 your talking about. That's really the only spot you can really rip on. Old port Gibson is gonna be sweet when they finish it. They're putting down good black asphalt,not that chip seal craps.
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