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July 2015. I rode from Wichita to Albuquerque for the finish of the Iron Butt Rally. Met one our old friends, FazerPhil, there as he finished the rally.

The return trip involved going through Colorado. Left Albuquerque at 10AM, did 475 miles up into southern CO. Here are a couple of shots from that ride:

Wolf Creek Pass, US 160 northeast of Pagosa Springs:

Near Lake City, on CO 149: (this is one of my favorite motorcycle pics ever)

The trip was a no-plan ride, and I ended up not finding any hotels open in Gunnison. So I rode over Monarch Pass to Salida in the dark. That was fun.

Next day went to Pikes Peak, then another 500 miles home from there. 48 on top of the mountain, 102 from Pueblo to Wichita.

A highlight of the trip was seeing Erik Lipps' son Jack as Erik rolled in to finish the rally. He was so happy to see his dad he was floating.

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