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They used "LiveLaps" which is really cool. There is a stick on transponder on the bike that they scanned in and out at the beginning and end of each test using cell phones. We went on one minute intervals, one bike at time. Passed a few people who were kind enough to stay behind at the beginning of the next check, and got smoked by an expert on a TE125, so I let him go. As a result, most of the time I was riding alone with no dust, which was awesome! It was a really cool experience to ride at a sustained fast as I could manage pace, just following the ribbons across the desert. Have not really done this kind of racing since the mid 90s, so it has been awhile. At times my brain wanted to go faster, but my body said no. These kinds of races are very much about managing one's physical resources and staying hydrated. Drank 92 oz of water with electrolyte drops in it (was 87F out, refilled with extra water I had at the fuel stop before test 4). I like this kind of racing, as I am not really that fast a rider in a short sprint, but I can sustain a good clip all day long and wear people down

Tests 5 and 6 were A/B riders only. Test 5 was a nightmare that kicked my ass - a "silt box" axle deep in fine talcum powder dirt leading to a somewhat gnarly hill. The hill on it's own was not bad, but it was damn near impossible to get any kind of run at it due to the pit of Hell at it's base. Looking back at the attached stats page, I lost 1st place in Test 5. That is OK, I was thrilled to get through that nightmare. The fella that beat me was in row 25, 40 rows ahead of me in row 65. Test 5 got chewed up badly by the time I got there as did the rest of the course in spots. Lesson learned, if i am gonna seriously race "B" start in the lower number "B" rows instead of way back in the high digit rows with the C people.

After struggling with Test 5, I rested for about 5 minutes and then went on to Test 6, fire in the eyes and guns blazing. Check out my smoking time in Test 6 (highlighted in yellow in the attached result PDF) compared to the class winner. Realized there was still something in the tank and let 'er rip, plus I dug that trail, which went over rock and zig zagged without being too tight - was my kind of railable trail, and I hung it all the way out powering toward home.

Despite that fine effort in 6, which was almost 2 minutes faster (an eternity in this kind of racing) than the class winner, my time was still 2 minutes slower than the "55+ "A" riders. I guess "A" will never happen for me. 134 overall out of 308 entries. That's so me, competently in the middle of the pack

@ Fermic37 - about the Rekluse.

I have ridden bikes with them and they are really nice in truly gnarly stuff, but everyone I know who has one is constantly dicking around with the thing, claiming they have it "perfect now" only to be telling me a few rides later that they tweaked it and it is perfect (again, sigh...). Setting up a Rekluse seems to be a constantly moving tail chasing target. My clutch hand and throttle control in the gnar are pretty deft. There is a little bit of pride in riding up stuff that stops my Rekluse equipped buddies

Pic from the course photographer taken in the final Test 6. On the gas trying to make up for the Test 5 fiasco...
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