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Old 07-20-2016, 10:58 PM   #1
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3D Printer Suggestions

This year Id like to invest in a 3D printer as I think desktop units are far enough along and reasonably priced to jump in. This has always been a tech savvy group and I'm willing to bet there's some folks here with great input for those of us here who are interested in the topic.

I think my initial unit will be used mainly to cut my teeth on with simple hobby type projects but that's not to say I won't use it to prototype parts at some point. From some initial research I think I'd like the printer to have build dimensions of at least 6" capacity in all dimensions, be able to print flexible materials like urethanes, and possibly have 2 extruders so I can print water soluble support material at the same time as my printed part material.

I don't know what resolution spec I'll want just yet as I have no feel for how this correlates to actual print results. I'm sure there are some other important factors I'm overlooking.
I'd love to hear from experienced and/or knowledgeable folks on which direction to go with a first purchase. Thanks!
Open the throttle and its Milennium Falcon fast, though mercifully devoid of Wookies. (Simon Bradly on the 2005 GSXR)
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