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Closed Thread
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Old 03-02-2007, 07:06 AM   #1
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PC3 - Setting Opening and Closing Points

I am asking the powers that be to please Pin and Lock this topic... I don't want it getting littered up with any wrong info and endless questions.



1) Boot up computer, load the power commander software…
Select PC3 USB and do the install, when finished remove the CD.

If you cannot get the bike to communicate with the computer….
Call dynojet (it’s their product)

2) Warm up bike to 170+

3) At the top of the screen, click on Power Commander Tools, and select Set Throttle Position, a dialogue box will open with 3 sets of numbers starting from left to right they will be “closed”, “current” and “open”

4) Set the idle on the bike so that the average idle speed is appx 1250 - 1300 RPM on the computer screen
(and this is where it’s going to stay)

5) In the Set Throttle Position window look at the “current” number for a few seconds
(this number will be changing, so you need to pick an average)
after you have selected your number, write it down, and change the number in the closed box to the number that you have selected and press the “OK” button. After you press “OK”, the box will disappear.

6) Looking at the throttle position readout and the rpm, gradually apply the throttle…. You want the “0” to change to a “1” between 1650 –1700 rpm
(for my map).
If the throttle position readout value does not change at the correct rpm, go back to “power commander tools” and “set throttle position” and change the value by 20 points and try the throttle test again until you get it to change from “0” to “1” at the specified rpm.
(A higher number will give a higher rpm before it changes)

7) Moving on to set the “open” throttle value…. Got back to “power commander tools” and “set throttle position”

Please read and understand this before going any further…

During this procedure the key cannot be turned off….

You will be stopping the engine using the kill switch on the handlebar….
and after it stops, immediately put it back to the “run” position….
Then hold the throttle wide open....

While the throttle is open, read the number in the “current” box and write it down
(it will be greater than 23000

You have to be quick with your hand movements doing the off/run/wide open, otherwise the software won’t give the correct number in the “current” box. (Obviously the bike is not running when you do this)

After you’ve written the number down, restart the bike and replace the number in the “open “ box with the new one…. And press the “OK” button.

8) To verify that the “open” value is correct…

Watching the throttle position readout on the screen, and with the engine running, pin the throttle to the stop and release it
(don’t be an idiot and let the engine hit the rev-limiter)
the display should momentarily display 100%
Try this a few times to verify... if it does not give “100”

If it says “99” try reducing the “open” value by 50 points at a time until the display gives you the 100% when you pin the throttle.

Once you have the open value set, you are done.

I still prefer to walk everyone through this who buys a PC3 from us.

Please do not call me with questions about this procedure…

If you call, please be ready to follow my instructions without any questions…. We will just breeze through it, and get your bike set up.

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Closed Thread

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