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Old 11-14-2019, 03:38 PM   #1
Call 9-1-1
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Fess Up!

Confessions from Satan -
As many of you know, I am a curious person. Always searching for the better. I have a very big bucket.
The story began months ago after I fabricated a heavy duty passenger seat backrest bracket. The original design and templates used 11 gauge stainless plate, about 1/8". Never satisfied and after a request for something more stout (for stouter passengers), I made a prototype out of 3/16". Never heard back. Must have worked!
Second request was easy enough. This one did have feedback. Positioning holes were somewhat off and had to be modified. Grrrr. Simple enough explanation, the different plate thickness offset the holes after bending! Need a new template!
As a matter of convenience, the Satan machine was 1,500 miles away. Easy enough, cost be damned, just buy another passenger seat for fitting. Off to fleabay. Few choices, extravagant prices! Wait it out.
Finally, an affordable seat pops up! In wretched condition but certainly usable for fitting a plate. Click, click, click, it's on the way!

As you can see from the second picture, the seat had obviously been recovered. The vendor had 99.9% feedback, shipped quickly and it was at my door in a few days. It was as in the photos.
I despise wretchedness (although, I do not spritz the Satan machine as often as I should, Dean) and set to removing the damaged covers. All I needed was the plastic pan with it's mounting points. GEN II is consistent through the years albeit with different colors of plastic.
What a PITA! The recover was done with felt backed vinyl, glued over the original, attached by 18 Gauge 3/8x1/2" staples. Not 40 or so used on the OEM cover, roughly 200.

Get out the pick, get out the pliers! Pick, pull, pick, pull. Took over an hour to get to the pan. I attached some photos for anyone needing to be discouraged from a career in upholstery. Or, those yearning to know what lies underneath.
While I was attempting to avoid the need to make a clinic visit for a tetanus booster, it came to mind; what was the history of this seat and the hapless rider?
The seat had met the earth more than once! The owner(s?) had thought better and recovered after the first. Was the job done by the owner? Was the person more OCD than my late wife using a box of carpentry staples to affix the new cover?
Then 'oops', 'boom', it happens again?
Normally, I am not concerned about what or who's bottom makes contact with a swatch of fabric. I do read the reports when the bottom actually does. This one however, after all the time and energy I spent extracting the little buggers holding it on, has piqued my interest.
Does anyone know the story behind, underneath, or above? The seat came from a Virginia salvage.
Feel free to P.M. if you know the intimate details and don't want to be revealed.
Attached Images
File Type: jpg EbaySeatPanBottom.JPG (158.4 KB, 70 views)
File Type: jpg EbaySeatPanTop.JPG (158.6 KB, 70 views)
File Type: jpg EbaySeatPad.JPG (147.7 KB, 70 views)
The Devil is in the details ...
Man was created to seek the Truth, Satan makes the search interesting.
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