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Old 08-14-2017, 02:56 PM   #9221
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Originally Posted by Newtown Chris View Post
Last night I spent about 2 hours stripping down bike to do the fuel line mod as well as (properly) wire a new USB dual charging port with a relay. (the old, direct wired was draining my battery)

Fuel mod....holy shit, I have a new bike. And it's way more powerful than my old one. I cannot believe what this did. My fuel line had a definite kink and my engine was chasing a clean idle. It sits at 1,000 rpm now, solid.

I'm the 3rd owner of this bike. When I was wiring the USB ports I noticed all sorts of aftermarket crap on my bike. While I knew it had a power commander, there's also a bunch of other crap wired under my gas tank that read "for race use only". I'm not sure what the hell those are. Furthermore, is it normal for the gold flaps on the intake to be marked as Ivans?

I was also pleased to see that the airbox mod was also done...less work for me!

Finally, I was out with a few friends, and for the hell of it I asked them what their speedos were reading. I've been sorta bummed that I only get around 100-110 miles before the reserve and "F Trip" kick in. Here's what I found out:

They both had indicated speeds of 65 and 66 when I was showing 55. I just replaced my rear tire and noted I am running a 45T in the rear. Unless I'm missing something, one of the prior owners must've dropped a tooth in the front, thus throwing off my indicated speed as well as my odometer. (so there's around 20% more mileage on my bike than indicated...not a big deal) On the flip side, I'm getting better gas mileage than I thought since my mileage is off by 20%. Woot for that I guess.

Anyone that hasn't done the fuel line mod, please do. It's easy as hell and I cannot believe how much more power I have. It's way quicker off the line and the mid and upper RPM is just stupid. Meanwhile, my kink wasn't even that bad.

I'm going to find the fuel line thread to give props to the person who posted it...
Sounds like your bike came with quite a bit of goodies. Ivan's Performance is the one-stop-shop for all FZ1 power. Take a picture of everything you got under there! Surprising it's got all that but the fuel line still hadn't been sorted.
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Old 08-14-2017, 06:20 PM   #9222
Newtown Chris
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Location: Newtown, CT
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I need to find the energy to lift the tank again...will do soon for pics...
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Old Yesterday, 04:41 PM   #9223
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Location: Dyess AFB (Abilene) TX
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Put on an R6 throttle tube today. Found that the FZ doesn't have the power that a liter sportbike does (duh) and a throttle tube won't fix that but will let me get more power sooner, which can only help.
Then took the FZ1 throttle tube and put it on the FJR. It's bout 1/2" shorter than the FJR throttle tube but have a Ninja 250 throttle tube laying around so cut 1/2" off that one and made it work.
Perhaps its in the mind, but the FJR seems to be better now... '06 owners have complained about abrupt throttle response, so this hopefully helps. It nothing else, its a touch less to go WOT... which I've never done on the FJR... seriously.
2007 Cobalt Blue Yamaha FZ1
2006 Cobalt Blue Yamaha FJR1300
2002 Kawasaki ZRX1200R (auction whoopsie)

That at the name of Jesus every knee will bow and every tongue confess that Jesus Christ is Lord, to the glory of God the Father. Phil. 2:10-11

I don't like texas... missing California!
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Old Yesterday, 05:51 PM   #9224
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Oh my, an FJR at wfo? Time will stop, worlds will collide, shafties will wheelie..............

Send me a pm afore you do that shit again, lost my place in my book...............
ACME Race Team (East) TN. ACME Race Team (West) TX
Co rider and mechanic, No current wins, cant seem to get around them anvils........sometimes tunnels arent really open......falls from cliffs usually slow me down..........WTF, where'd that piano come from?
Currently: Aprilia Tuono, 09 FZ1, 06 FZ1, 89 FZR1000, '02 XR650L THE TRACTOR
My long lost love.......1987 FZ700
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