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Old 08-16-2013, 05:21 AM   #1
Back in the saddle again!
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Nelson Rigg Stormrider Two Piece Rainsuit and Tourmaster Boot Rain Covers: They works

For the first time since receiving it, I got caught in the rain a couple of days ago and had to don my Nelson Rigg Stormrider two piece rain suit and Tourmaster Deluxe Boot Rain Covers. I'd ordered them both in a size large after reading the reviews and looking at the sizing charts. For reference, I'm 5'9", 190# with a 44-45" chest, monkey arms, a 30" inseam and size 10.5 feet. I had a long way to go on Wednesday as I needed to go 'up the county' as we say here in Maine, riding from Bangor to Presque Isle to survey a job, a short little ride of about 160 miles one way. The clouds were pretty heavy when I pulled out of my driveway and jumped on I95 to head North, but I felt that I'd be able to get a few miles behind me before I needed to pull over and gear up for rain. I made it about 25 miles or so before I started seeing raindrops on my visor, and with the clouds looming even heavier overhead and what appeared to be the edge of the storm only a couple miles away I decided that then would be the perfect time to pull over and suit up for rain. Suiting up roadside in the rain quickly is always a challenge, but with the right technique it's possible to get everything on in under a couple of minutes. The pants have a zipper that opens to about my knee that make getting them on pretty easy. I was easily able to slip my boots through the legs, but when zipping up encountered a slight problem as the material got pinched into the zipper on my right leg. It was nothing tragic and no ripping occurred, but it's worth mentioning to take care when zipping up that all the material from the pant leg isn't in the way at all. As for the jacket, it fit easily over my Joe Rocket leather but I've got a couple of complaints and observations on the design and construction that I'll be having my talented wife address. First, the cuffs don't close tight enough to prevent them from slipping up a bit under a wind load. They might hold fast the way they come from the factory if the sleeve from the forearm up to the bicep/shoulder were constructed with a bit of elastic in them to constrict them a bit tighter to the arm. As it is, the arms flap a bit, and I'm sure that the buffeting contributes to the slipping of the cuff up the sleeve. My wrist and lower forearm was the only place to get wet in the hour long deluge I rode through, and that was only due to the cuff of the sleeve not staying put over the cuff of my glove. (Joe Rocket Ballistic 7.0's.. worked just fine as well) This problem can and will be easily mitigated by adding a bit more velcro to the cuff area on the jacket and a bit of elastic banding inside the arms. Or you could get gloves with a longer gauntlet. Either method might work, but I'm not a fan of flappy clothing on the bike. As for the boot covers, they were the most problematic of my gear to don quickly and easily. I'm glad I ordered the large, as the toe box just made it over my boots with hardly any room to spare. They performed admirably though, as my feet stayed nice and dry as well. I could see where the material that the bottom of the toe box was made of wouldn't withstand too much walking on, especially on pavement, so I was extra careful once they were on not to pivot on the balls of my feet. All geared up, I jumped back on the bike and rode North through about an hour of rain. All in all, everything worked as it should and I stayed nice and dry.

Despite the rain it was a great day for a ride thanks to gear that worked as it should. It would have been a miserable 380mi+ if it hadn't.

Nelson Rigg Stormrider Two Piece Rain Suit

Tour Master Deluxe Boot Rain COvers

Joe Rocket Ballistic 7.0 Waterproof Glove
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Old 09-12-2013, 05:44 AM   #2
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Mine fits poorly but is well made

I have the NR Stormrider 2 pc suit also. I'm 200lbs 6' so ordered the large size.
The jacket is very lose fitting (baggy over my JoeRocket XL jacket) and the pants are too short. I almost sit on the back of the waistband and the cuffs come too high up and they are tight on the knees. Gave the pants to my son and ordered pants that fit better from FrogTogg. Haven't had to ride in the rain yet so can't say about getting wet or not but the Stormrider does seem well made despite the poor fit on me.
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