The purposes of the FZ1OA message board and site are to:

  1. Create a fun, friendly atmosphere for FZ1 owners and other motorcycle enthusiasts.
  2. Enhance the enjoyment of our motorcycle of choice, the Yamaha FZ1.
  3. Share technical information with other riders.
  4. Share riding experiences with other riders.
  5. Create new friendships.
  6. Provide a source of product and service information for the FZ1.
  7. Promote the Yamaha FZ1 to increase ridership.
  8. Encourage commerce with product vendors for the FZ1 so new products will be created.
  9. Arrange for discounts and group buys for the membership.

We hope that reading and participating on the message board and this site will help everyone get the information they need about their FZ1. This site is meant to serve as a resource and repository of information. It is here for your enjoyment, and we are trying to make it the best source of information for the Yamaha FZ1 on the Internet. Note that the FZ1OA is not associated with or sponsored by the Yamaha Corporation.

Ride Safe and have fun!

— FZ1OA Administration