by: Bill Jinks

I decided to hunt down "The Buzz" that had been driving me nuts for months now. Now I don't know if anybody else has found this yet but one thing's for sure...I've heard a whole lot of folks complaining about it and not many answers so I went through a lot of testing B.S. to find this. Remove Windscreen and test run...no dice, buzz still there. Trimmed the brackets down on my I.C.U. Blind Spot Mirrors and replaced....no dice, buzz still there. Completely removed my I.C.U. Blind Spot mirrors...no dice, buzz still there! Finally...I removed both fairing inserts and immediately found the problem! Also...I can see where this will be a problem sooner or later for everyone! Mine never buzzed for the first 5K miles then...a slight buzz...faint and only every now and then...but it got progressively worse. I think what happens here is this....after time...or possibly several R&R's of the fairing inserts the factory rubber trim dampers get compressed a bit and allow the fairing inserts to make contact at a point where the general geometry had to give the design engineers fits in modeling....that point is here...

The "White Dust" is the point of contact from the fairing inserts here:

I didn't have any thin black rubber on hand so I opted to use some "Low Density Foam Weather Stripping Self Adhesive Tape." Only a couple bucks a roll at any Home Depot or Lowes.

Two small squares (one one each side) placed here did the trick!

I like the low density foam because unlike black rubber...it compresses easier and dosen't put any undo stresses on the plastic when you tighten'er down...

If you like...you can now take an exacto knife or razor blade and trim the excess foam to line on line...I'm not bothering because that area is hidded from view by the sideflap portions of my Z.G.D.B. windscreen.

My FZ1 is back to normal now...tight, smooth, sweet and... BUZZ FREE!

One side was much worse than the other but...one thing for sure...if you haven't developed this "Fairing Insert Buzz" yet...sooner or later you will. My advice would be to nip it in the bud right away while it's here and fresh on your mind.

What another rider with the CF fairing liners did was to use rubber edging along the sharp edges of the liner. It prevents scratching of the paint when the insert is installed and also provides a cushion between the liner and the fairing.